Introducing the Future Volunteers Program: Volunteer in South Africa

Nick Paul

Nick Paul

October 25, 2017

As a company dedicated to delivering life-changing teach abroad experiences through socially responsible programs across the globe, one thing has long been missing: a teach or volunteer program here in of South Africa, our home turf. Of course, it’s not been something we’ve been actively avoiding. We have been on the hunt for the right opportunity – an opportunity which is both a positive and responsible addition to the community in which it operates and a life-changing cultural experience for our international participants .

This is something which can be hard to find. Until now.

Where it all began: a rural school with a difference

The Future Comprehensive School is situated on a sprawling savanna plain near the banks of the Olifants River in South Africa’s Limpopo province

When TravelBud’s founder, Liam Kelly, stumbled across a Facebook post from an old school friend asking for funding to help a progressive rural school in South Africa’s Limpopo province, he had a hunch that this might finally be just what we were looking for. The friend was Etienne van Bart and Liam, who also has an extensive background in videography, without hesitation booked a trip up to Limpopo with fellow videographer Justin and TravelBud’s Program Manager, Peter to find out and document what it was all about.

What the team found was nothing short of amazing. Situated on a sprawling savanna plain, near the winding Olifants River is the Future Comprehensive School. Founded and run by a visionary man, Mr Patrick Mogowe, the school comes from humble beginnings back in 2011 when he first broke ground on this patch of red earth, formerly used for grazing cattle.

Interested in Volunteering in South Africa? We’ll send you more info!


The vision

Patrick Mogowe is the visionary founder of the Future Comprehensive School

Mr Mogowe had a vision to build a school which delivered education of an international standard to a community which is not usually afforded such an opportunity. Whether it be in science, music, art, reading and even athletics or tennis, every aspect of their lives should be enriched with the best quality education. It currently teaches the national CAPS curriculum but Mr Mogowe envisions the school offering the education standard of the country’s top private schools, which would see its students writing the prestigious Independent Examination Board’s A-Level equivalent exams.

It’s a vision he has made great progress in realising. With his and his team’s tenacity along with much needed donations of funds for buildings and salaries or books gifted from more privileged schools in the big cities, the Future Comprehensive is now around a dozen buildings strong with more than 80 students and 15 staff.

Through generous donations, Mr Mogowe has managed to hire a team of passionate teachers

But it’s something softer which he sees as the most valuable opportunity a young, rural South African child can get: in a world full of discord, it is cultural exchange which can bridge divides and heal the wounds of our society. For a child to grow up a responsible member of this global community we all find ourselves in, he or she must be able to surrender to another view of reality by meeting someone with a different perspective.

And so, one of Mr Mogowe’s greatest visions for the school, and it is wholeheartedly shared by the rest of this team, is to bring invaluable new skills and perspectives to his students from outside of their community.

We all believe that volunteers are just the vehicle needed to achieve this.

Introducing the Future Volunteers Program

Peter, one of the first trial volunteers reading Winnie the Pooh to students

With TravelBud’s experience in helping people from all over the world have life-changing cultural experiences teaching abroad, we could set up our very first volunteer program in South Africa to deliver the much needed volunteers to help this exceptional school realise its dream.

And so, we are tremendously excited to announce the launch of The Future Volunteers Program! This is TravelBud’s first program on African soil and we trust it will be the first of many. This program will give volunteers an opportunity to work at an exceptional rural South African school which is passionate about the possibilities a world-class education and a global perspective can bring to its community.

Sports are a big part of building healthy minds and bodies at the Future Comprehensive School. You can get involved in coaching tennis or work on preparing their courts while volunteering

Our first intake will be in January 2018 and you can stay between 4 and 12 weeks and we have just 4 spaces open.

Volunteers can get involved in a variety of activities, including:

  • Helping to teach subjects like science or music
  • Helping to order and categorise the library
  • Coach sports like tennis or athletics
  • Many more opportunities open to imaginative minds

You’ll get airport pickup, basic accommodation in the community, daily transport to the school and 24/7 in-country support from our on-site program manager, Didi. Plus, before you depart you’ll benefit from TravelBud’s much loved pre-departure support to prep you for everything you need in order to make this exciting journey.


Interested in Volunteering in South Africa? We’ll send you more info!


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