What TravelBud’s All About

TravelBud strongly believes in first-hand experience, and strives to maintain our reputation of being the most reliable Southeast Asia Teach English TESOL and Job Placement Company.

In the last 2 years alone our partners have successfully placed over 1200 people in Southeast Asia. Read some of our teacher reviews to get an idea of their experience and how we can help.

Whether you are from Cape Town (TravelBud’s home base), Toronto, London, New York, Melbourne or any other part of the globe; get in touch with TravelBud to hear a first hand account of what it is like teaching English in Southeast Asia, and who knows maybe you will decide to do the same.

We are here to help you every step of the way.

Message from the Founder

In 2011 I was given the opportunity of a lifetime: to travel the world for 12 months and document my experiences through worldexplorer.co.za. I visited 26 countries and 75 cities across 5 continents. It was during this time that I had one of the greatest experiences of my life; teaching English in Thailand. This undoubtedly led me to wanting to offer the same experience to fellow travellers around the world.

Teaching English in Thailand greatly shaped my outlook. It gave me more in 6 months than any degree would have given me. I lived in a simple house, enjoyed simple pleasures, learned from a new culture, was taught to appreciate the little things in life, I passed on knowledge to the most appreciative learners and whilst doing so was able to travel Southeast Asia with money I had earned through teaching English.

During my time in Southeast Asia I formed strong ties with the leading TESOL training and job placement company for Westerners wanting to teach English in Southeast Asia. It was this relationship that resulted in TravelBud forming.

Liam Kelly

Founder, TravelBud

Meet The Team

Liam Kelly


Liam’s experience of teaching English in Thailand sparked the idea to provide similar opportunities to fellow explorers around the world. Liam is currently based in Cape Town and plays a role in overseeing the marketing and overall growth and development of TravelBud. For this he draws on his knowledge and hands on experience he gained whilst studying advertising and marketing.

Stu Brown

Raised in Cape Town, Stu has always carried with him a passion for exploring the world through work and travel experiences. After a year-long adventure working at a school in London and travelling throughout Europe in 2010, Stu began his tertiary studies at Stellenbosch University. During his final year of studies in 2013, he joined up with the Kelly brothers to head up the Social Media and Marketing department of TravelBud. He adds great value to the TravelBud team in ensuring that all clients face a smooth sailing experience in receiving adequate TESOL training and job placements across Thailand, Myanmar,South Korea and China.

Peter Pittendrigh

Travelling has been one of Peter’s most valuable lessons in life with every new experience providing him with new invaluable life lessons he could have have obtained anywhere else. Peter taught English in Thailand and this was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of his life to date. The first-hand experience he gained whilst teaching and travelling in Thailand offers an invaluable service to all TravelBud applicants wanting to embark on the same adventure Peter was very fortunate to experience.

Saskia Smuts

Saskia experienced first-hand what living in Thailand as an English teacher is like and, like Peter, she provides all TravelBud applicants with the rare advice of what living and teaching in Thailand is really like. She has always had a very deep love for history and stories.

Luke Kelly

Luke is an investor in TravelBud and practices as an advocate at the Cape Bar Society of Advocates in Cape Town, South Africa. He has experience in online business, having co-founded South Africa’s first online photographic store which was later sold to a large listed company. He offers strategic business advice and guidance to TravelBud, as well as a dose of enthusiasm for the love of travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TravelBud?

TravelBud is a Travel Agency started by two South African Brothers; Luke and Liam Kelly. Their aim is to provide travel experiences that they (or close friends of TravelBud) have tried and tested and can therefore vouch for.

When was TravelBud founded?

Travelbud was founded in 2013 by South African brothers Luke and Liam Kelly.

What makes you different from other Travel Agencies?

We are young. We are ambitious. We have all travelled extensively and we understand our customers.

Why do you only offer travel experiences in Southeast Asia?

Co-founder, Liam Kelly, taught English in Thailand in 2012. He made good friends with our main partner company that operates in Southeast Asia. Developing this partnership has been the main focus of TravelBud. We plan on branching out in to South American and African Adventure trips and experiences in years to come.

Where is TravelBud headed?

TravelBud aims to develop a niche range of travel experiences based around peoples’ hobbies and areas of interest.

What inspired the birth of TravelBud?

A mutual love for Travel.

Where are the TravelBud offices?

TravelBud operates out of Cape Town, South Africa. If you would like to visit us – email us at info@travelbudco.com

Who do I contact if I want to work for TravelBud?

TravelBud is a growing company that is on the lookout for more members who share the same passion we have for “experiential travel”. If you are interested in applying for a job email us at info@travelbudco.com

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