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Teach English and Travel Abroad Programs tried and tested by TravelBuds worldwide

We strongly believe in first-hand teach and travel abroad experience

We only offer teaching English, volunteering and work experience that our staff have personally done or our trusted friends have done.

You’ll therefore be talking to someone with first hand experience who will guide you through the whole process and answer any of your questions.

We carefully select each teach English and travel abroad program to ensure it both makes a beneficial impact on the community it’s based in and is a rewarding and life-changing experience for the teachers too.


First-hand experience teaching English abroad


Paid teaching English positions at schools


Cultural excursions


Online Teaching Resources


Comprehensive job placement assistance


Over 1200 English Teachers placed


TESOL training


Documentation / Visa support


Our comprehensive support system and team of teach english and travel abroad experts are just an email or phone-call away to answer any question you might have no matter how small – we’ve always got your back.

New Teach English in Panama

Volunteer as an English teacher in the charming coastal town of Pedasi, Panama, 4 hours away from Panama City. With its rustic beaches and quaint architecture, Pedasi remains quiet and authentic, despite increasing popularity with tourists. You’ll have ample opportunities to travel in the region, which boasts a range of activities such as surfing, snorkelling and fishing.

New Teach English in Colombia

Living in Colombia, you’ll find sprawling cities with modern skylines and a fascinating swirl of historic architecture thrown in. Music, dancing, art and delicious meals are around every corner and line every cobbled square. Teaching English in Colombia is an incredible opportunity to make a difference to our world while exploring a rich and varied culture and creating memories to last a lifetime!

Popular Teach English in Thailand

Choosing to teach english in Thailand is a rewarding and affordable option as it offers not only a healthy salary ranging from 25,000 to 40,000 Thai Baht per month, many school holidays and low living expenses but also allows you to experience the true beauty of “The Land of Smiles”, its local people and rich culture.

Teach English in Vietnam

Vietnam is the perfect destination for those looking for a beautiful setting to live in while reaping the benefits of high salaries and a significantly low cost of living. This exquisite tropical paradise is fast becoming a hotspot for tourists looking to explore the road less travelled and with the tourism industry rapidly growing, more and more job opportunities are becoming available for the locals who can speak and understand English – this is where you come in. With the help of English teachers in Vietnam, the local people can gain a valuable skill to grow the country and create endless opportunities.

Teach English in South Korea

South Korea is the perfect Teach and Travel Abroad destination for those looking to move to a vibrant first world country with a high earning potential and an opportunity to gain invaluable international teaching experience. Choosing to teach english in South Korea comes with many benefits such as high salaries, free flights and accommodation, and an end-of-contract bonus. If you are in search of a vibrant experience teaching, traveling and earning good money abroad, this is the perfect program for you.

Teach English in China

The placements we provide in China are at private English language centres in 11 towns and cities across the country including Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and more. This is an amazing opportunity for both qualified teachers and non-qualified college/university graduates to gain international teaching experience, while enriching yourself with a wealth of cross-cultural experience which will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Summer English Camps in Thailand

TravelBud’s Summer English Camp in Thailand offers a fantastic opportunity to travel through Thailand for 4 weeks whilst getting paid a small stipend to work and travel around the country as an English camp teacher for underprivileged children in Thailand.


Friday Live: Meet the TravelBud Team

Friday Live: Meet the TravelBud Team

So the idea came to us, sitting around the office pondering how we could show the world the smiling faces behind the emails, Facebook posts and phone calls which our many would-be teachers looking to teach English abroad interact with. Should we do a podcast? A...

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Travelbud has been absolutely amazing in assisting me with my move abroad, doing my TEFL/TESOL course as well as helping me get placed at a school.

The staff have been incredibly helpful and friendly, and they’ve truly gone out of their way to make sure that I understood and felt comfortable with the entire process of moving to and teaching in Thailand. It was one of the best decisions to go through this process with them!

Lisa-Jo Snyman, Thailand

Travelbud helped me to find a job in Korea and put me in touch with all the right people. I would highly recommend someone going to teach in Korea for the first time using their services. When I first decided to go to Korea I had no idea of what I would have to do to get there.

Travelbud assisted me in finding a job and were always helpful when I had queries or issues about working in Korea.

Dominic Valentine, South Korea

Travelbud has made a nerve-racking decision to move from a tiny town to the other side of the world, the easiest thing to do. The team has been there every step of the way and assisted me with everything including my visa application, resume and flights, amongst many other things.

The team is extremely efficient and every query and question (even the silly ones) are always answered within seconds, literally. I am so excited for my upcoming travels and I feel safe and confident because I know that if I need a little help or guidance that Travelbud will only be a phone call, text message or email away. Thanks guys, you are the best!

Natalie Marais, Thailand

In months before my departure my agency TravelBud has been offered amazing assistance in getting me prepared and keeping me informed. All things from funding, what to pack, how to address the locals was explained to me thoroughly. The level of support from you guys has been so pivotal in getting me excited to come to Thailand to teach simply because I was kept in the loop for all things concerning my trip.

Overall I’ve had a great service experience from TravelBud and more so I’ve received a great support system that I know will continue well within my time here in Thailand.

Khensi Maluleka, Thailand

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